gaming cinema experience


Gaming Cinema Experience


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play your favourite game on a giant cinema screen, now's your chance!

Sometime after films, our volunteers plug a games console into our Cinema set-up and fire up a game. They say it is simply breathtaking with the scale, clarity and sound taking the whole gaming experience to a new level. Usually they need to be dragged away! So we thought; hey, wouldn't it be great to share this experience with everyone!

Well... as a special experiment, we're dedicating our lovely pop-up cinema for a whole day to local gamers who would like to experience big-screen gaming for themselves.

On Saturday 30th December, we are setting up our 5m screen in our theatre, with an XBOX One and PlayStation 4. We'll also be running a pop-up cafe too. So get out of your house and join us with your new Christmas game or perhaps an old favourite?

Come along, connect and compete in person. You can: 


  • Play solo, or challenge your mates. Run your own mini-tournament. More people means it's cheaper for everyone!

  • Pre-book your time-slot to avoid long waits. Remember all slots include set-up time, so be as quick as you can and book consecutive slots for more game time!

  • Bring your own games & controllers for XBOX/PS4, or even bring your own console if you have something particular you really want to play!



If you know someone who loves games, book them a slot this Christmas! It's an experience they are sure to enjoy!

Pre-book your time-slot to avoid any waiting on the day. Introductory rates

  • 1 Person - £8 /15 mins
  • 2 Persons - £10 / 15 mins
  • 3 Persons or more - £12 / 15 mins

All slots include set-up time, so we recommend you be quick and book consecutive slots for more game time. Only available time-slots are shown.